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Natural Immune Boosters to Strengthen Immune System

Immunity is the body’s ability to recognise, fight and annihilate harmful foriegn organisms without harming the healthy body cells. While multiple parts of the body work together to support the immune system, the most important role is played by the bone marrow that produces white blood cells. White blood cells are responsible for finding foreign cells and launching attacks on these to protect the body from falling ill. Previous infections, vaccines and other certain foods help strengthen the immune system.  Another thing you should consider are immunity boosters. 

With natural immune boosters you can help your body stay strong and keep fighting against unwanted pathogens. The best immune booster should contain a combination of vitamins and minerals that support the immune system. This includes vitamins A, C, D3, E along with minerals like Zinc, Iron amongst others. 

Let’s read up on all the minerals and vitamins that qualify as immunity boosters. 

Vitamin A: With anti-inflammatory properties Vitamin A, plays a vital role in building immunity as an immunity booster. It helps build resistance to infections.
Vitamin C: It is one of the most vital immunity boosters that provide multiple benefits to the body. Its antioxidant properties help fight against free radicals thereby supporting the body. 
Vitamin D3: By balancing the immune system and its response, Vitamin D3 supports the activation of enzymes on White Blood Cells that plays a major role in a healthy immune system as an immunity booster. 
Vitamin E: This fat-soluble compound is found in all cells of the body. With both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties Vitamin E is known to support the immune system. Thus, it is the perfect immunity booster. 
Zinc: In order to keep the immune system strong, it is imperative that the body has enough Zinc. Zinc, after Vitamin C, is the most common immunity booster. Some research also says that it has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce several inflammatory markers. 

Iron: For the healthy functioning of the immune system your body requires the right amount of Iron as an immunity booster. This mineral helps the proliferation of immune cells and creates necessary responses to infections. 
Consuming a diet rich in these natural immune boosters will ensure that your body is stronger and able to fight off infections. Few natural immune boosters you can involve in your daily diet include leafy greens, fresh vegetables and fruits. Vegetables and fruits are rich sources of many of these micronutrients and can help strengthen your immune system. It is also advisable to supplement your diet with immunity booster products that can help complete your daily dietary requirements of these vitamins and minerals. OZiva provides a wide range of clean immunity booster products that are crafted to provide 100% RDA of these important nutrients. Adding these immunity booster products to your daily routine can support your overall health and strengthen your immunity naturally.