OZiva Protein & Herbs for Women, 23g Whey Protein

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    Payel Nandi
    It’s yummy like ice cream

    I’m a happy customer of this product, I drink Oziva protein & herbs before my workout with oats & banana. It’s not only healthy but it’s yummy unlike other whey proteins, I have tried few other whey proteins but not liked the taste but I liked this product.

    Hi Payel,

    Thank you for your kind review! We're glad to hear that you enjoy our products and that they taste delicious!

    Hope to be with you on your #aBetterYou Journey for a long time

    Team OZiva

    Great Product

    I was very skeptical before buying this protein powder. I did R&D, went through reviews and thought of giving it a try, and tried for a month. This is good powder, I would say, it brings changes in metabolism and hair looks fab. My metabolism had hit a plateau, but after consuming it for month along with diet and exercise which is very very important..I could see some positive changes. I wouldn't say it's superb or mind blowing, but yes, it is good for health, for skin and hair. Now I am buying a second one. It offers coupon code which on dialing gives you free diet consultation (inclusive with product)
    Which is very good for newcomers who want to lose weight.
    Good service and great offers.

    Hi Megha,

    We’re so happy to hear you had a great experience with Oziva. Your review made our day!

    Our whole team works very hard to keep our customers happy, but we can only do it thanks to amazing customers like you.

    Thanks again, and we hope to guide you in the process of making a better version of yourself!


    Team OZiva

    Lost belly fat finally!

    I had put on sudden weight and especially around my belly there was too much fat. . . I tried a lot of things- crash dieting and spot reduction exercises but nothing helped. I then came across OZiva’s protein which looks promising and after consuming this healthy drink for about 3 months can recommend this to all the women out there who are interested in fat loss.
    I have also included this protein powder as a post workout drink, i do a 30 min workout daily and post that i add a scoop in water and have it. I workout daily and stick to healthy ghar ka khaana. And now I have lost lot of body fat and also can feel energetic.

    Loved the drink, Thankyou OZiva

    Hi Adwaity,

    We are glad that our product worked wonders for you and we appreciate the time you took to write such a detailed review about it

    Thank you for letting us and the community know about your fantastic experience with our product.

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    Team OZiva

    How to consume this please advise

    How to consume

    Hi there,

    Greetings from OZiva !!

    We would like to inform you that OZiva Protein & Herbs, Women 23g, clean protein powder for women is an effective tool for women to tone up, manage their weight and recover easily from workouts.

    Enhances skin and hair health with power-packed multivitamins and minerals including Biotin, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and B vitamins.

    -If doing workouts: You can take 1 scoop in 250 ml of water
    -If not doing workouts: You have to take half a scoop in 200-250 ml of water

    When to use:
    -You can take it with breakfast or within 45 minutes after your workout.
    -The best thing about Protein & Herbs is that you can also add it at any time of the day during mid-meal or evening snacks.

    You may check out some amazing recipes for OZiva Protein & Herbs by clicking here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6GDEnkipNJm0GQj6Ft8HMkjHuOI2rI8Y

    For more details, please connect with our expert team by clicking the link https://bit.ly/3LjsuQS and someone from our support team will connect with you at the earliest and assist you better.

    Don't forget to check our cash and deals page for the latest discounts, coupon codes, and more.

    Team OZiva

    Samira Butt
    Good 👍🏻

    I was a consumer of oziva ‘s product but due to my pregnancy i stopped and now im a feeding mother so dats y also im nt start it yet but yes i kust say dis is really weks wonder. If u want to lose weight and stop ur craving also has many products for ur problems im really waiting for start it again

    Hi Samira,

    Thank you for your positive review. We’re thrilled to hear that our product has worked wonders for you.

    We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences with others. It's customers like you that make our work so rewarding.

    Hope to be with you on your #aBetterYou Journey for a long time.

    Team OZiva