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OZiva Bioactive Plant Protein, 1 kg

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Sunil Rathi
    Superb product

    Superb product

    Hi Sunil,

    Thanks for the review! We're glad you're enjoying our product.

    Hope to be with you on your #aBetterYou Journey for a long time

    Team OZiva

    Soo worthy product

    I am a new user of this brand but trust me this is the great product I bought till now Great protein powder at a reasonable price ., It can be used in smoothies and shakes. The quality is really great. As is am a student .. this product is the best and most convenient. It's easy to take this vegan protein during my gym period and it showed its result in just one week.

    Hi Harish,

    Thank you for the 5 Star rating. We're happy you are satisfied with the quality of our product. It means a lot! We are proud that we were able to meet your expectations!

    Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. Your kind words encourage us greatly.

    Do check our cash & deal page for amazing discounts.

    Team OZiva

    The most affordable and effective powder

    I was looking for an affordable option rather than vegan but it was a bonus. I truly enjoy the taste of this protein. Works best and blends With water easily. I tried it in a shake and in that too it got dissolved easily, so you can use it with anything. Also definitely the best vegan affordable protein powder.

    Hi Dheeraj,

    Thank you for the positive feedback. Glad you are loving our product! ❤
    Your review means a lot to us and lets us know we’re on the right track!

    Hope you stick with us for years to come.

    Team OZiva

    Exceptional taste and mixability

    Can't believe this is vegan protein and not whey because the taste and mixability are so good! Previously I was using Raw whey from a reputed company that had poor mixability and obviously bad taste as compared to this OZiva bioactive vegan protein. Also no artificial sweetener, that sweetness is just the perfect amount and not at all overpowering. Kudos to the company.

    Hello Shriram,

    Thank you for the positive feedback.
    A review like yours is valued by our team as it gives us the motivation to continue developing our products.

    We are happy that you are happy! ❤

    Team OZiva


    I got my first plant protein from my OZiva. Before purchasing, I had enquired a lot to know about the product. I get to know that this product is genuine, lab tested, verified, and certified too. This has given me trust in this product. More than that its ingredients are 💯% natural and the best for our health. I'm so happy that natural sweetener is added. I will definitely buy it again, Once I finish this.

    Hi Aishu,

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us and the community! ❤

    We are built to provide the best products to our beloved customers and we can’t thank you enough for taking the time to share your feedback and reminding us why we do what we do.

    Hope to be with you on your #aBetterYou Journey for a long time.

    Team OZiva