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OZiva Clean Nutrition Range for Men

For holistic fitness and wellness, it is important for men to focus on having the right nutrition along with the physical activity. Owing to various factors like a higher percentage of muscle mass and lesser fat percentage, men usually burn more calories than women. Hence their total macro and micronutrients requirement is also higher.

Men's Nutrition

Our range of clean men’s nutrition products include OZiva Protein & Herbs for Men, OZiva Nutritional Meal for Men, OZiva Plant Based Omega Multi, and so much more. These products offer a multitude of benefits that provide holistic nutrition to men as per their needs.

OZiva Protein & Herbs, Men is packed with clean protein and consists of herbs like Ashwagandha, Brahmi and Musli that provide greater stamina. This blend also helps in faster muscle recovery and additional multivitamins like Biotin, Vitamin A & D promote better skin and hair health.

Keeping men’s specific nutritional needs in mind, OZiva Nutritional Meal for Men acts as a great replacement meal, as it contains 500 calories lesser (*compared to a regular meal). It also consists of herbs like Ginseng, Barley Grass and Garcinia Cambogia that help boost metabolism and improve energy levels.

To boost overall health, it is important to take supplements that promote heart, brain and joint health. OZiva’s Omega Multi contains vegan Omega-3 fortified with extra Olive Oil and plant-based vitamins that reduces inflammation, improves heart and brain health. It also helps build immunity.