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    Dr Archana Srivastava
    Acha matcha

    Best product
    &when I use weight control skin also clear fairly

    Hi Archana,

    Thank you so much for your positive feedback! We're thrilled to hear that you enjoyed our product.

    Thanks again, and we hope to guide you in the process of making a better version of yourself!


    Team OZiva

    ACV matcha is Really Awesome for weight management

    The ACV matcha is really very Effective product for the weight management and most important thing is its natural plant based and safe for use no side effects.
    In this product apple cider vinegar is used and organic matcha as well as pomegranate fruit powder is used which is help for anti oxidants and built to help gut health and intestinal health.

    Thank u Oziva for wonderful product❤🙏🏻🌹😊

    Hi Tej,

    Wow, we are blown away by your positive words. We are very grateful for the time you took to write such a detailed review!

    Keeping you happy for the years to come is our primary goal.

    Well, we really appreciate your feedback as it helps us continue to grow.

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    Team OZiva


    Is this product only for women

    Hi Aravindreddy,

    Greetings from OZiva!

    We wish to inform you that OZiva Plant-Based Japanese ACV Matcha can be used by both men and women, above the age of 18.

    Do check OZiva Prime for a personalized consultation, lifestyle guidance & a free diet plan.

    We request you to reach out to us on our contact us link https://www.oziva.in/pages/contact-us with your contact details, and our support team will connect with you at the earliest to assist you better with your query.

    Team OZiva

    Awesome product go for it👍

    I did use this avc powder last year is very good ull loose weight without workout and skin becomes very clear and healthy glow i really love it...seeing forward to order again

    Hi Jaya,

    Thank you so much for your positive feedback! We’re thrilled to hear that our product has worked wonders for you.

    Our whole team works very hard to keep our customers happy, but we can only do it thanks to amazing customers like you.

    Thanks again, and we hope to guide you in the process of making a better version of yourself! #aBetterYou


    does it reduce pigmentation????

    Hi Flávia,

    Thanks for supporting us with a five-star rating.

    We would like to inform you that OZiva Plant Based ACV Matcha is a powder blend that helps in enhancing & maintaining skin health, digestive health, and boosting the body’s metabolism.

    But for pigmentation we would suggest you take OZiva Plant Based MATCHA Plus helps in preventing & reducing skin pigmentation & dark circles.

    It also helps reduce dark spots, improve complexion & brighten skin.

    Activated charcoal present aids removal of dead cells and impurities from the skin.

    It also provides additional benefits like improving mental focus, boosting stamina & metabolism, helps weight loss, etc.

    Dosage and time for consumption : You have to take 1 scoop of OZiva Plant based Matcha Plus in 150 ml of hot water per day. Matcha Plus is a green tea so you can have it in the morning or in the evening. You have to keep at least 2 hours gap between meals and Plant Based MATCHA Plus.

    For more details, please connect with our expert team by clicking the link https://bit.ly/3LjsuQS and someone from our support team will connect with you at the earliest and assist you better.

    Don't forget to check our cash and deals page for the latest discounts, coupon codes, and more.

    Team OZiva