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    Premlata Khandey

    I want weight loss along with skin whitening... Plz suggest me its doses🙏🏻

    Hi Premlatha,

    Greetings from team OZiva!

    Your health and well-being are extremely important to us and we would recommend OZiva Protein & Herbs for Women.

    Our protein powder is packed with essential Multivitamins, Minerals, and Ayurvedic Herbal extracts. Regular consumption helps improve lean muscle and reduce fat percentage and Improves Metabolism and Hormonal Balance with Ayurvedic Herbs. You can check it out here - http://oziva.info/fb9ef6e6

    How to Consume - You can take one scoop in 200 ml of water post-workout or with breakfast.

    Result timeline - With regular use of the product and a healthy diet/lifestyle, you should be able to see results in around 3 months.

    In case you are unable to digest or have bloating issues when you consume milk, you can try consuming our Superfood Plant Protein or Organic Plant Protein.

    Lastly, please consult your doctor in case you are Pregnant, Lactating mothers or face medical issues related to Kidney stones, Gall bladder stones, Liver conditions

    Furthermore, we wish to inform you that currently, we do not have any specific products for skin whitening. However, we believe every skin type is beautiful and do have products for skin brightening. We would suggest you to take OZiva Glutathione Builder for skin brightening. We would suggest you to use 2 capsules of OZiva Glutathione Builder per day on an empty stomach early morning.

    We would also suggest you to please keep a gap of at least 2-3 hours between consumption of the products.

    Do check OZiva Prime for a personalized consultation, lifestyle guidance & a free diet plan.

    Team OZiva

    Mythili Nagaraj
    Back pain

    Sir gm
    Iam sick I needed body pain hip pain powder .which one is the best solution.plese tell .and please speak in Tamil sir.i don't understand in english

    Hi Mythili,

    Thanks for supporting us with a five-star rating.

    For the best product recommendations, please connect with our expert team by clicking the link https://bit.ly/3LjsuQS and someone from our support team will connect with you at the earliest.

    In case you want us to call you to address your query, please feel free to share your contact number along with the suitable time to call you from Monday to Saturday between 10:30 am - 7:00 pm so someone from our support team will call you & assist you better.

    Team OZiva


    My skin complexion is normal I want to have a skin fair is it enough to take glutathione tablet or we have to take vitamin c combination plz tell me

    Hi Tejaswini,

    We don't have any skin whitening or fairness products as we believe every skin tone/color is beautiful.

    However, we suggest you take OZiva Glutathione Builder for skin related concern.

    ▶ Skin Brightening
    ▶ Anti-Ageing
    ▶ Helps to regenerate Glutathione in the body

    ✨ How To Use:
    Step 1: You have to take 2 capsules per day
    Step 2: Consume on an empty stomach
    Use regularly for 3 - 5 months for best results.

    For more details, please connect with our expert team by clicking the link https://bit.ly/3LjsuQS and someone from our support team will connect with you at the earliest and assist you better.

    Team OZiva

    Worked best for me

    It's an awesome product and gave miraculous results. Skin shade becomes two shades lighter than the previous. Visibly reduced my dark sport.
    Thank you OZIVA.

    Hi Falguni,

    We are glad that our product worked wonders for you and we appreciate the time you took to write such a detailed review about it

    Thank you for letting us and the community know about your fantastic experience with our product.

    We’re very grateful for customers like you and hope you stick with us for years to come!

    Thanks again!
    Team OZiva

    Namrata Gurav
    Superb product

    It gives glow on skin... hydrated.... Thank you Oziva

    Hi Namrata,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. We’re thrilled to hear you enjoyed our product.

    Your review made our day and motivated us to work harder.

    Do check our cash & deal page for amazing discounts.

    Team OZiva