Absolut Even Anti-Pigmentation Ritual, Combo Pack (Absolut Even Face Serum 30 ml + Under Eye Serum 15 ml+ Inner Glo Face Wash 100 ml) ( 3N)

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    I really like this combo. It is really amazing and highly affordable. The quality of the product is premium and the packaging is top-notch. Also, the quantity is very nice. And the combo is a complete steal at this price point. This combo does what it says, from giving you pigmentation-free skin to removing dark circles and giving glowing it's just best.

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    Amazing !!!

    I am going to say go for this product because it is super amazing ❤
    The face wash is so good it actually works on our skin, and there is no paraben and many more. When we use. I feel so refreshing
    And the anti-pigmentation serum is so so good I used it for more than 1week and the results are good ❤ my skin is glowing too It is worthy.
    And the under-eye serum is also good. I am loving this product these are Made in India❤ and the scent is so amazing 💜

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    I am using the OZiva beauty range for more than a year now, and I must say OZiva beauty products are the best!! I ordered this combo two months back, and after using it, I am writing this review. I am super happy with the results and quality of the products. The combo is super handy, and will fit in any bag. This combo is a value for money. Give it a try and see the results by yourself.

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    I just reordered this combo. All the products from the combo feel wonderful on my skin. I am vegan so I always prefer cruelty-free beauty products over normal ones. After using this product my skin has become healthy. The combo is very reasonable if you compare it to other beauty products from the market. And the Quality that you are getting is just an absolute bargain.

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    I have been using the products for quite some time and totally loving them. The products feel amazing on the skin. It helps in reducing pigmentation. My skin looks so healthy and radiant. All these products in the combo are 100% natural. I would highly recommend this to everyone.

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