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Get access to the Ultimate Support System

Unlimited InteractionsWith your OZiva product, you also get unlimited access to our Experts via chat or email who help you with diet and fitness related queries. We'll provide all the support we can, at no cost. 
Personalized Guidance"One size fits all" does not work when it comes to diet, nutrition, and fitness. Our experts provide personalized solutions - so you can achieve your goal, your way. 
ExpertsOur team of Lifestyle experts has a wide range of experience in the fields of nutrition, exercise, and healthy living. They can help you out with anything and everything - right from diet to workouts to making healthier choices.

Earn OZiva Cash for Future Discounts & Freebies

Getting fitter won't be the only perk of making OZiva a part of your lifestyle. We respect your commitment to your goal and we want to make it more exciting and memorable for you.

Get cool freebies and even cooler discount bonuses as an OZiva Prime member that no one else will get!

Exclusive Launch Offers

Get early access to all our new products or services, be the first one to know about them and get great exclusive launch offers and deals. Want to recommend a new flavor for our products to us? You can do that too. Full VIP treatment on our product launches, nothing less.

How to earn OZiva cash

Frequently Asked Question
Q. What is OZiva Prime?
OZiva Prime is a premium value-add program. OZiva Prime members get unlimited support to achieve their goal from our team of experts, they get special discounts and freebies over and above whatever deals we generally offer, and Prime members even get first preference in the launch of new products or services. How good does that sound?
Q. How much do I have to pay to be a member of OZiva Prime?
Zero. Nada. Nothing. Signing up for OZiva Prime membership is absolutely FREE, you just need to sign up HERE and you're good to go
Q. I already get discounts so why should I sign up for Prime?
As a Prime Member, you get access to cashbacks in the form of OZiva Cash on your purchases. Your OZiva Cash can be redeemed anytime for a discount on the website
Q. What is OZiva Cash and what is it worth?
OZiva Cash is the currency with which you can reap the benefits of being an OZiva Prime member. You basically use OZiva Cash to redeem rewards in the form of discount coupons that you can use on your next purchase on the website. You can find the rewards HERE
Q. How can I redeem OZiva Cash?
It's quite simple. Whenever you feel like redeeming your OZiva Cash for discounts or freebies, go HERE and select the amount of cash you will like to redeem. A coupon code will be emailed to you that can be used to redeem at your next purchase
Q. How can I get my friends to try OZiva Products?
Well all you need to do is go HERE and click on the option "Refer Friends" and a special link will be generated in your name. Share this link with your friends and family. If someone comes to us from your link and makes a purchase - you get OZiva cash for that person as well as your Friend gets a special discount. You will be rewarded for every referral
Q. How long is the Prime membership valid for?
We do not believe in short-term associations. You just need to sign up for Prime once. Once an OZiva Prime member, always an OZiva Prime member
Q. How long is OZiva Cash valid for?
OZiva Cash is valid for life! You can keep saving it up and redeem later for bigger rewards - whenever you want