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How It Works

While you are getting fitter & better with OZiva, don't forget your friends! Push them & get them to join you in your journey of  #aBetterYou. Make them feel Special by sending them a Gift Voucher

➡ Share your link with your friends and family on Facebook or WhatsApp

➡ Your friends get a discount code for Rs. 250/- on their first purchase of OZiva products.

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➡ You can refer as many friends as you want.


Note - Hey, we appreciate it very much if you share about our products with your friends, which is why we have freebies for everyone who refers someone. But don't go breaking our hearts by using the system under different names or fake accounts - it will come to our notice and we would not be able to send you any goodies then 😞








Disclaimer : The referral program is subject to change without prior notice and we reserve the rights to withhold any rewards in case of misuse.