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Redeem Your OZiva Cash for Discounts
Redeem 2500 OZiva Cash & Get Rs. 150/- Off + FREE OZiva Shaker
Redeem 4000 OZiva Cash & Get Rs. 200/- Off + FREE OZiva Thermo Mug
Redeem 8000 OZiva Cash & Get Rs. 500/- Off

How to Redeem OZiva Cash?
1. Click the Account button
2. Please login with your registered email id (if you are already logged in, you can skip right ahead to the next step)
3. You should now be able to see your OZiva Cash, click "Redeem"
4. Select the "Get Rewards" tab on the pop up that comes up
5. Click on the reward of your choice (based on how much OZiva Cash you want to Redeem)
6. A discount code will be generated, copy it and use it at checkout while placing your order.