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Oziva's Bioactive Product Collection 


Bioactive products are compound concentrates extracted from plant sources that deliver one particular result for your skin and hair. The OZiva Bioactive range focuses on face cleansers, face serums, face moisturisers, and face packs with one bio-active each. OZiva's bioactive formulas are pH-appropriate, highly efficacious and offer safe-for-skin permeation.
The OZiva Bioactive range includes four separate product ranges, which each contain a plant-powered active ingredient with powerful effects. Here are details of the ranges:

The Bioactive Vitamin C30 Range - The OZiva Bioactive Vitamin C range is made of natural and plant based ingredients specially designed for skin radiance & glow. Skin radiance is the combination of luminosity (light intensity reflected from skin surface) and brightness. This range’s products provide up to 30% increase in radiance* and have other effects such as building collagen naturally in the skin for less age lines and winkles. 
The Bioactive Vitamin E122 Range - The OZiva Bioactive Vitamin E Range is a combination of Carotenoids, Sunflower, Almond & Hyaluronic which majorly focuses on overall skin nourishment mainly skin moisture and skin glow. Vitamin E obtained from the plant based ingredients in this range is the most active natural form of Vitamin E. This range’s products support up to 122% more antioxidant activity*, and fight free radicals on skin thus protecting the skin from damage. They also have moisturising and hydrating properties and are anti-inflammatory in nature, therefore soothing and helping to calm the skin.
The Bioactive Salicylic32 Range - The OZiva Bioactive Salicylic32 Range is an excellent combination of Guava Leaf, Willow Bark, Tea Tree, Australian Lemon Myrtle and Salicylic Acid which has strong medicinal properties in curing your skin concerns. This combination gives an easy way for reduction of excess oil production in the skin. Acne occurs when the openings of hair follicles become clogged and blocked with oil and dead skin cells. When applied topically reduces, this range helps unclog pores and dislodge dirt and dead skin cells from the skin. It helps improve the appearance of wrinkles, tactile roughness, pore size, radiance, and the overall appearance of the skin. 
The Bioactive Niacinamide79 Range - OZiva Bioactive Niacinamide Range is made of natural and bioactive ingredients specially designed to refine pores and improve skin tone. It is the composition of plant based ingredients such as Holy Basil, Moringa and Aloe Vera. The products in this range help in 79% Reduction in Melanin Synthesis* which reduces hyperpigmentation. They also reduce inflammation, which may help ease redness from eczema, acne, and other inflammatory skin conditions. 


1. What products does the OZiva Bioactive Vitamin C30 Range include? 
The range includes the Bioactive Vitamin C30 Face Serum, Bioactive Vitamin C30 Face Cleanser, Bioactive Vitamin C30 Foaming Face Wash, Bioactive Vitamin C30 Face Pack, and Bioactive Vitamin C30 Face Moisturiser. 

2. What products does the OZiva Bioactive Vitamin E122 Range include?
The range includes the Bioactive Vitamin E122 Night Gel, the Bioactive Vitamin E122 Face Serum, and the Bioactive Vitamin E12 Gel Face Wash. Each product contains Hyaluronic Acid. 

3. What products does the OZiva Bioactive Niacinamide79 Range include?
The range includes the Bioactive Niacinamide79 Face Cleanser and the Bioactive Niacinamide79 Face Serum. 

4. What products does the OZiva Bioactive Salicylic32 Range include? 
The range includes the Bioactive Salicylic32 Face Cleanser and the Bioactive Salicylic32 Face Serum. This tea tree face wash and serum are perfect for sensitive, acne-prone skin and soothe any inflammation and redness.