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Superfood Greens & Herbs For Diabetes & Prediabetes - 250g

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    Everyone in my family uses & loves

    While it takes a while to get used to the taste, my parents and I have been taking this daily (my dad takes it 2 times, but he will be reducing to 1 time as it makes him go to the toilet). I am incredibly obese and have PCOS (with insulin resistance) and my parents are diabetic (on pills), so we started taking this too. My sugar levels that used to be between 180-200 when I woke up has now come down to 140-150 when I wake up. My PP blood sugar has also come down to ~150-170.

    I consume 1400-1600kcal per day - this is done by a meal plan supplier where I live.

    We actually started using this product because we wanted to find an easier alternative to Freedom from Diabetes' green smoothie that we had to drink 2 times a day. To make this smoothie twice a day for three people was incredibly time consuming. We find this to be an excellent product. My aunt, who is on insulin, suggested the Green & Herbs for Diabetes/Prediabetes. We have consumed ~1 packet each at this point - and we have ~6-9 more in stock.

    We love this product.

    Hi Tanvi,

    We are glad that our product worked wonders for you and we appreciate the time you took to write such a detailed review about it

    Thank you for letting us and the community know about your fantastic experience with our product.

    We’re very grateful for customers like you and hope you stick with us for years to come!

    Thanks again!
    Team OZiva


    Superfood Greens & Herbs For Diabetes & Prediabetes

    Hi there,

    Thank you for being the reason we are smiling today. Your 5 Star rating made us very happy.

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    Team OZiva


    Already being tried and happy with the collagen builder from oziva, I went ahead and ordered this product and I am so happy to see the all natural ingredients! After trying for a week I can surely say it's great for getting the sigar levels in check and an added benefit is that it gives great glow on skin too!

    Hi Tanushree,

    Thank you so much for your positive feedback!

    We are so delighted to know that your experience has been excellent with us till now and we’d love to continue providing great products to awesome customers like you.

    Hope to be with you on your #aBetterYou Journey for a long time. :)

    Team OZiva

    Super conviniet..... Valuw for mowby

    Good product. Had to get herbal blend for diabetes from my home town from a special ved. He then used to write the powders and we used to make the blend which was veey timw consuming. This blend is more effective since it has more sugar control ingredients and is super conviniet to use

    Hi Apoorva,

    Thank you for leaving a great review.
    We’d love to continue providing great products to awesome customers like you. Thanks again! :)

    Hope to be with you on your #aBetterYou Journey for a long time.

    Team OZiva

    Helpful for prediabetics and diabetics

    The product is an evolved version of the basic greens and herbs specially designed to control the insulin levels and the blood sugar level. I have been using it for around 20 days and I can say that it definitely delivers what it promises. The taste is more of a green juice mixed in jaljeera and can be taken easily by any age group that it is advised for. All my family members drinks this to keep ourselves healthy.

    Hi Shikhar,

    It’s lovely to hear your kind words of appreciation for our product.

    Thank you for trusting us and we hope to be with you on your #aBetterYou Journey for a long time.

    Do check OZiva Prime for a personalized consultation, lifestyle guidance & free diet plan.

    Team OZiva